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Warroad Community Church is an non-denominational Christian church and part of a relational network of churches called TrueBridge

Guided by Elders

The elders refer to a team of men led by our Senior Pastor. This team is responsible for the development of the spiritual life of the church and oversees day-to-day ministry and operations.

  • Gus Booth (Senior Pastor)
  • Son Shaugabay
  • Sam Rairdon

Strengthened by Deacons

The deacons refer to a team of men led by our Head Deacon, Steve Meek. This team is responsible for the physical buildings in which the church owns and helping our church members with their physical needs such as moving, lawn mowing, snow removal, etc.

Protected by Overseers

The overseers provide spiritual protection, accountability and mutual encouragement to the church. They are pastors of well-respected congregations and ministries who love our church and its leaders. Our overseers are consulted continually in many matters of church life and health. Overseers from TrueBridge include Pastor Larry Dorman, Pastor Doug Wing and Jim McCracken.

Leadership Structure

Warroad Community Church, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, is a autonomous non-denominational community church consisting of a body of believers who participate in church activities to be the salt and light of Christ in the Warroad community.

Our church is voluntarily associated with TrueBridge association of churches and their leaders provide spiritual counsel to our church leaders.

Our leaders are Elders, selected by the Elders, from among those men who regularly attend Warroad Community Church. The elders of the church provide their biblical counsel to the Senior Pastor.

Warroad Community Church is led by the Senior Pastor. The Senior Pastor is the President of the Church Board and an Elder of the church. The Senior Pastor is the leader of the church providing spiritual leadership and direction for the body of believers who regularly attend Warroad Community Church.

The Elders and Senior Pastor offices are held by men only, as prescribed in Scripture.

The Associate Pastor, Daren Mehl, is not an elder in the church but serves the needs of the Senior Pastor, the Elders, and the congregation. The Associate Pastor has delegated responsibilities for the operations of the church.


Warroad Community Church does not have a formal membership.

Our mission statement says that you can BELONG before you BELIEVE which means that our doors are open to everyone, unbelievers and believers alike.

Anyone who is a believer in Jesus Christ is by definition a part of the Body of Christ, the Church, and we are excited to recognize Christ in you and serve God with you as part of the larger church family.

Those who come through our doors and are not yet believers in Jesus are encouraged to become believers so they can BEGIN their eternity with Jesus Christ and be part of His family. Our church offers many opportunities to investigate the Christian faith in a safe environment.

Church Legal Formation

The church is organized as a 317a non-profit organization in the state of Minnesota. The church board consists of the President and Chair of the Board, Gus Booth, the Treasurer and Board Member, Son Shaugabay, and the Board Member, Sam Rairdon. The church is not recognized by the federal government as a 501c3 tax exempt organization but rather recognized as a church and therefore all donations are tax deductible. The state of Minnesota recognizes the church as tax exempt. [Certificate of Exampt Status #ES 33258]

Ministry Organization

The ministries of Warroad Community Church are overseen by the Elders of the church. The working ministry organization chart is updated on a regular basis. 

Financial Oversight

The financial oversight of Warroad Community Church is provided by the Treasurer and external audit review of the financial operations of the church. Financial statements are available for review with a formal request to the Treasurer. All transactions paid to individuals or LLC’s over $600 annually require a W9 and a 1099 will be provided. Transactions have receipts to justify the expenditure. Annual budgets are developed by the Elder Board and any exceptions to the budget are made on an as-needed basis reviewed by the Elder Board.